About us

To prepare Christian leaders for Service to church and community.

The purpose of the JTOU  is to pursue knowledge of God, to cultivate leaders for communities of faith, to enrich the academy, and to seek peace with justice in a diverse and interconnected world.

Vision :

To be the centre of Excellence in the field of Theological Studies Globally.

To develop life-long disciples and ministers of Christ through the formation of minds and hearts.

Mission Introduction of the JTOU:

The JTOU was established to provide training in Bible and theology for those individuals who had little or no opportunity to receive such training by Distance. As a commuter college, this training is accomplished in a unique way through our key distinctive:

  • Biblical – curriculum is based on a biblical world view, founded on scriptural truth, with its focus on ministry preparation and life transformation.
  • Diverse – students study and experience the education process with fellow students from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Accessible – courses offered through Correspondence for the students who can get diploma , degree and doctorates in their flexible time.